The Platoon w/ more genius visuals. #SWOUP

Birdhouse gets way cray in Webisode #8 of KOTR.

KOTR Webisode #7. Real Bangers

I worked at the LA Podcast Festival in 2013, and now they’re gonna make a documentary about podcasts! There’s a lot of awesome people in it! Should be dope!

Chocolate (along with Girl) has one of the sickest teams out there! KOTR Webisode #6

The Enjoi Team knows how to party. KOTR Webisode #5

Birdhouse Team gets BUCK! KOTR Webisode #4.

REAL is in KOTR!! Webisode #3

Trunk Boiz going off. Webisode #2

This year’s KOTR is already nutso. Webisode #1

Goddamn.. this tumblr is basically all videos…

Yes. This is one of those albums you can listen from front to back… Trust.

The #SWOUP Serengeti Mixtape

- Spark Master Tape

Chris Troy saves the Label

undeniably good.

If you haven’t been watching “Fully Torqued” tour for free on YouTube… you’re an idiot.